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    Consultancy Activities

    Inorganic Solutions provides analytical support to inorganic laboratories that have the responsibility for reporting element determinations. The support may, by means of setting up a complete application solution and/or assisting the establishment of analytical methods. In addition, Inorganic Solutions provides training, setting up methods and instruments, troubleshooting, lower parts investment, improving maintenance and performing general sample to result cost reduction (finance management). Experiences in the field in all kind of market areas like, academia, alloys, chemical, clinical, energy, environmental, feed food beverages, forensic, geological, nuclear, research, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, precious metals (PMG) and speciation.
    Personal one on one contact, driven by practical and teaching experience delivers customized on-site consulting to achieve your goals.

    “Knowledge has to be improved challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes”, Peter Drucker (Author)

    Besides the experiences with multiple sample introduction systems (like; low volume, ultrasonic nebulizer or other heater/condensor dry aerosol introdution and other techniques (like; fast injection, hydride etc) available on the market, Inorganic Solution also supports Laser Ablation (LA) and ElectroThermal Vaporization (ETV) introduction coupled to ICP-OES or ICPMS.

    LA: Experience with ESI new wave, Cetac and Photonmachines

    ETV: Experience with PerkinElmer HGA900 and Spectral Systems ETV series

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