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    “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe”, Marilyn vos Savant, Author

    Your organization invests and develops to become better and to look forward to a healthy future.
    This is often accompanied by acquiring knowledge. Inorganic Solutions delivers on-site training, method development, improves the analysis, finds solutions, performs validation and/or gives accreditation advice.
    My experience in inorganic chemistry with respectable companies and my personal characteristics are part of my contribution for you to provide the above services.
    Personal one on one contact, driven by practical and teaching experience delivers customized on-site training to achieve your goals.

    For who and what level?
    The program will be setup after communication with the responsible manager/contact, therefore it will be beneficial for all levels of participants.
    From new employed, students to scientists with a few years application knowledge to well experienced scientists. No matter what your level of expertise, Inorganic Solutions offer a course that’s perfect for you!

    Training set-up
    Depending on the request, the trainingscourse can be set-up from one day to a week, a program will be set-up with Theory and preferably combined with practical performance.
    Training courses provide a comprehensive training in AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS with an introduction in the technique, basic theory and principles, advanced method development (calibration, linearity, interferences etc), method set-up (robust plasma, internal standard, signal-processing), troubleshooting and maintenance and the latest developments.

    Validation and quality
    Many laboratories are working in an regulated environment and are submissive to guidelines like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and (GLP Accreditation). With the guidelines there is an user responsibility to know the validation status of the instrument as also having the analytical method validated to secure results to be produced. In collaboration with the quality (QA) department or Manager a validation protocol will be set, performed and implemented.

    Examine and/or Certificate
    After the training the participant is able to independently control the instrument and determine the results.
    An Examine and/or Certificate can be provided.

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